4 reasons why to choose PPR

Widest Distribution

With more than 500 news-based websites, and on over 200 news-specific social media accounts PPR gets you greater distribution, more backlinks, more authority building than other platforms.

SEO | Rank Higher

Leverage authority news sites sending link juice back to your website and inner pages to impove your site authority and page rankings in Google search results.

Amazing Reports

No more guesswork or searching google to find out where your release was posted, get a beautifull pdf report with logos and links to your release on all the major media outlets.

Best Price

Get more bang for your buck with the same quality distribution our competitors are charging $300 and up for per release. We offer an amazing service for an unbeatable price.

TV and radio channels have their own vibrant news websites that present their content online. We make sure your press release gets featured on top TV and radio news websites.

We make sure your press release is distributed to all the major news sites.

The online versions of trade and industry media outlets are vital platforms for businesses in their respective niches.

Local and regional news sites help you reach out to specific segments of your market that national and global media can't.

International news sites can help businesses share information with a global audience.

People subscribe to RSS feeds to get regularly updated summaries of web content, including headlines that link to full versions of that content when using a feed reader they can quickly see summaries of new information in one place without having to visit each one of them individually.

We disribute your press release across the 16 most popular social media channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Tumblr, and more. We ensure that your press releases are tweeted on 150+ news-related Twitter accounts with a combined base of 350,000+ Twitter followers and shared on 150+ Facebook pages with a combined like base of 50,000+ Facebook users.

We make sure your press release is distributed to all the major search engines.